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John 3:30-36


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Intro – Last Sunday we spoke of John’s work as the forerunner of Jesus Christ, how he prepared people to accept the message the Messiah would bring.  Today we want to look at his attitude toward Christ.




I. He had a humble attitude. (30)


A. We should all think less about ourselves and more of Christ.


1. That means we humble ourselves.  Jn.3:27, 1Cor.4:6-7, Heb.5:4


2. We exalt Christ. Jn.1:27, 30, 34.


B. Humility leads to sanctification. James 4:10, 1Peter 3:8


C. Jesus showed us what it was to be humble. Phil.2:5-8




II. He had a submissive attitude.  (31-35)


A. He recognized Christ’s authority. Col.1:16-17,


1. His word was God speaking. 2 Tim.3:16


2. The One who gave the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:38-39,


B. Even the wise men knew Christ was a King.  Mt.2:2


C. Jesus showed us what it was to be submissive. Phil 2:8, Mt.26:39, Rom.5:19, Heb.5:7-8




III. He had a grateful attitude. (36)


A. Eternal life was gained by faith. Rom.3:28


B. Eternal life was through One person. Jn.14:6, Acts.4:12


C. Grateful to have escaped God’s wrath. Jn.3:16



Con. Christmas is a celebration because of the change that is made possible through faith in Christ.






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Intro – The forerunner to Jesus Christ was now in prison.  Our text speaks, at least in part, of the work he had come to do.  Jesus is the One telling us about John and his ministry.




I.  He came to prepare the way for the Lord. (10-11)


A.  Our way of thinking must change. Gen.6:5, Prov.14:12, Prov. 12:15, Prov.18:2. Luke 16:15, Eph.2:1-3, Rom.8:6-7


B.  Heart and mind must be opened to truth. 2Cor. 4:4, Eph.4:23, Acts 26:18, Mt.22:37, Rom.12:2


C. Today the Holy Spirit does the work that He was doing through John.   Jn.16:8, 13, Jn.14:6




II. He fought for the faith.  (12)  Jude 1:3


A.  Violence has to meanings here.


1. To be brought forth powerfully.  Rom.1:16, Phil.3:12, 1Tim.6:12


2. To stop something physically with violence.  2Cor.4:8-11, Acts 5:40-41


B. Spiritual battles. Eph.6:10-12, Lk.11:52, Rom.1:18, 32


C. Physical difficulties.   2Cor.6:4-10, 2Tim.3:12




III. He fulfilled prophecy. (13-15)


A. OT prophecies about John.   Malachi 4:5-6, Lk 1:17, Mt.17:10-13


B. OT prophecies about Christ. Gen.22:8, Jn.1:29



Con.  The Baby born of a virgin became the sacrificial Lamb. Those who trust in Him will have eternal life. Are you prepared for Christ to come again?  Prophecies will again be fulfilled.






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Intro – Our text today speaks of the Lord’s ministry here on earth. Jesus read this prophecy when he was in the temple and said that it had been fulfilled through Him.  He was proclaiming the favorable year but what does that mean?




I. He was sent to bring “good news”.  (1a)


A. It connected the Israelites to the year of jubilee.  Lev.25:10


B. I perfect example of grace in the OT now applied to Christ.  Jn.1:17


C. A time to celebrate the freedom provided by God.


D. The good news of a Savior is a time to celebrate the freedom He brings. Lk.2:10


1.  The angels – Lk.2:13


2.  The Shepherds – Lk.2:20


3.  All people – Lk.2:10


4.  Wise men – Mt.2:10-11


5.  John Baptist – Lk.1:44




II. The good news was that grace would set people free, “liberty”. (1b)


A.  The OT slaves were set free in the year of Jubilee.


B.  Today all who trust Jesus will be set free from bondage also.  Jn.8:32, 36,  Rom.7:14




III. The “favorable year” was a time to rejoice.  (2)  2Cor.6:2


A. God wants us to rejoice. 1Th.5:16, Ps.51:12, Ps.5:11, Ps.118:24


B. Satan will always try to take away a Christian’s joy by enslaving us again. Gal.5:1, 7


1. He comes as an angel of light and sets a trap for us. 2Cor.11:14, 2Tim.2:26


2. He gets us to be bound again through doubt and human reason. Gal.3:1, Col.2:15-16


C. By trying to get you to stop glorifying Christ.  Christ won’t allow it. Matt.21:15-16


D. We should use every part of creation to glorify the Lord. Worship – Lev.23:40, Holy of Holy – 1Kings 6:29, Eze.41:18, Temple – 2Chron.3:5, Rom.1:21-25, 1Tim.4:15-16



Con. -  We rejoice in the fact Jesus came and we use all of His creation to celebrate His birth.  The birth of Christ brought the “favorable year” onto the world stage and we should celebrate it accordingly.




Hebrews 10:35-39







Intro – We should be confident in the promises of God. You don’t have to wonder or hope about your salvation. You can know you are saved if you have “called upon the name of the Lord”. Rom.10:13.  The writer of Hebrews had just spoken of several of His promises in chapter 9 and now tells us to be confident about them. He alludes to 3 of them in our text today.




I. His promise of life after death.  “have done” (36) Heb.9:27


A. Job 19:25


B. Abraham Heb.11:17-19


C. Believers Jn.11:25-26


D. Unbelievers Rev.20:12-13




II. His promise to return.  “who is coming” (37) Heb.9:28


A. Jesus promised His return.  Jn.14:3


B. Apostle Paul explains it 3 steps. 1Cor.15:23-24


1. His resurrection Mk.16:7


2. The rapture 1Thess. 4:16-18


3. The end of time. Rev.20:4-6




III. His promise of forgiveness.  “live by faith” (38) Heb.9:14


A. His blood is sufficient.  1Jn.1:7


B. The righteous are those trusting Jesus for salvation. Gal.3:11, Rom.3:28, Phil.3:9




Con. We must continually remind ourselves that salvation is through faith alone in the finished work of Christ.


Ecc. 7:20.   Christians are those who are confident that the blood of Christ is able to cleans us from all sin.



Matthew 11:25-30


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Intro – Jesus calls people of all ages to Himself. That call comes through the power of the Holy Spirit and is received by faith.

I. His call is communicated to infants. 25-27

            A. Some say infants cannot understand and Jesus must have meant those with a child-like faith. Matt.18:3-6

                        1. In Mt.18:6 He refers to their faith.  Lk 18:15-17

                        2. When people say babies cannot understand or have faith, what they really are saying is they don’t believe God can give an infant faith, which contradicts scripture.  Jer.1:5, Ps.22:9, Lk.1:44, 15, 37

            B. The truth is infants can respond in faith to God and if God chooses He can reveal that faith. Matt.21:16,

            C. Without faith anything we do, including baptism, is meaningless. Heb.11:6,  Gal.3:2

            D. Infants can have faith because it pleased God to reveal Himself to them. And only God knows the response. 2Chron.6:30


II. His call is given to adults. 28-30

            A. He knows that life can be difficult and the burden of sin is heavy.  Ps. 38:4, Rom.7:14

            B. Find out how to have rest, learn about Him.  Gal.1:6, Eph. 4:20.


III. The call must be responded to. 29

            A. Learn from Me -Believe – Rom.10:9

            B. Humble yourself – Repent – Phil.2:8, Lk 13:3

            C. Take My yoke - Receive – Jn.1:14


Con- Are you by faith trusting in Jesus for the forgiveness of your sin?


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