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Proverbs 4:13-27

September 17th 2016



Intro – How do you protect your heart and mind? Of course we are not talking about physically but spiritually.  Our text today give us some advice.

I. Acquire Wisdom. (5, 13)

A. God’s idea of wisdom is different than the worlds. Prov.9:10, Ps.2:11, Ps.119:38, Lk.12:5

B. Wisdom is to seek Christ and know His will. 1Cor.1:21, 2Tim.3:15, Eph.1:17

C. There are 2 kinds of wisdom, make sure you have the right kind. James 3:13-18, Jn.16:13, 1Cor.2:7-10,13

D. True wisdom, Godly wisdom starts when you receive Christ. Mt.7:24, Prov.3:5-7

II. Avoid Evil. (15)

A. Don’t hang out with unbelievers. Prov.1:10, 15, Ps.1:1

B. Don’t participate in what they do.  Eph.5:11, Ezk.3:17,21

C. Unbelievers will work hard at getting you to sin.  (16) Mt 4:1, Jn.8:44

III. Pay attention. (20)

A. Be alert to what Satan is up to!  1Peter 5:8

B. Fill your mind with God’s word and ways. Ps.1:2, Phil.4:8

C. Stay focused on Jesus. Heb.12:2-3

Con. Living the Christian life doesn’t happen accidently. You chose to receive Christ and you choose to follow him. Joshua 24:15



Romans 7:4-13

Sept. 10th 2017


Intro – Paul uses marriage vows or contract to help Christians understand their relationship to the law.

I. We have died to the law. (4)

A  Things have changed.           John 1:17

B.  The OT covenant based on the law has ended.        Heb.8:6, 13, Rom.8:2

C.  We are now in the new covenant a covenant of grace. Gal.5:4,18, Mt. 26:28, Heb.10:29.

D. The OT law only brought knowledge of sin. (5)  Rom.3:20

1. It reminded us of our death sentence.            Rom.6:23

2. It reminded us God’s demand for perfection. Rom.3:23

3. It reminded us of our helplessness.    Heb.9:22

II. We have been “released from the law”. (6)  

A. It happens when we receive Christ. Gal.3:25-27, Jn.1:12, Rom.8:1

B. His work is complete.           Heb.7:27, Heb.9:12, Heb.10:12+14    

C. In Christ we have fulfilled the law.     Rom.8:4, 2Cor.5:21 

III. Does that mean we ignore God’s law?

A. God forbid!             Rom.6:1-2

B  It  shows us how we can show our love to Christ. Gal.3:24, Jn. 14:15 

C. As saved people we joyfully follow Christ. Ps.1:2, Ps.119:16


Con. When we take communion we are remembering that we are a part of this new covenant. Mt.26:28


Hardened Hearts


Matthew 11:16-24


August 20th 2017






Intro- Man is worried about a disease called hardening of the arteries but the Bible tells us of a much greater concern, the hardening of the heart. A bag of cement left in a damp environment, doesn't need water to turn rock hard. Likewise just participating in a sinful event can start the spiritual hardening of the heart.




I. Sin hardened people discredit the messenger. (16-19)


A. This generation is much like ours today. 2Tim.4:3-4


B.  John was to legalistic. Matt.3:1-2


1.  Must be of Satan they said. Mt.9:32-34,


2.  Truth was he was chosen by God before birth. Lk. 1:15


C.  Jesus was too liberal!


1.  He associated with sinners!  Matt.9:11


2.  God intends for us to be in the world but not of it. Jn. 17:17-18. Rom. 12:2, Eph.5:11




II. Sin hardened people ignore the message, the sin of indifference.


A.  Jesus is the Messiah - you must believe that to be saved. Acts 4:12, Rom.10:9, Jn 11:25


B.  You must repent of sin - not optional. Luke 13:3.  


C.  Those who do not ignore these truths will prove to be wise. Matt. 7:24




III. Sin hardened people are blind to the fixture. 2Cor.4:4


A.  The end result of a hardened heart is to perish. Rom.2:5. Lk 12:10 Matt.25:31, 41, Pr.29:1


B.  Heaven is for those who repent of sin and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Rom. 10:13, Jn.l:12


C.  Spiritual victory, is for those who listen to and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Heb.3:12-14



Con. Hardening of the heart in the unbeliever - is rejection of Christ, refusal to repent, refusal of salvation. In the believer – it is when prompted by the H.S. to change or repent, they refuse. It starts as backsliding but if not checked it ends in the loss of your salvation.


Matthew 21:28-32

August 27th, 2017



Intro – Two groups  the bible even when Jesus spoke in parables. Ten virgins, talents, etc.  Some did what was right and the others did what was wrong. Today 2 sons, one took action the other did not.


I. What do you think?

A. As unbelievers these men did not have spiritual insight. 2Cor.4:4, 1Cor.2:14

B. Christ is asking them to use the common sense they had been given. Rom.1:19-20

C. All have been given the opportunity to respond in the right way. Rom.1:21, Rom.2:15


II. First son says no but then goes.

A. His first response was to say no. Mt.19:22

B.  However, he repented and changed his mind and behavior. 1John 1:9

C.  The Lord is patient but not forever. 2Peter 3:9, Rom.2:4


III. Second son says yes but doesn’t go.

A. He deceived his father. James 4:17, Jn.8:44,

B. Many say the right things but only deceive themselves and others. Mk.7:9, Col.2:20-23, Luke 7:30, Is.29:13

C. They never experience the grace of God. 2Cor.8:9,  Eph.1:7, Rom.3:24


Con. Which group are you in? Act on what Christ offers to you. Matt.7:24




Benefits of Being Justified


Romans 5:1-11


August 13th 2017

 **Technical Error --no recording available for 8/13/2017



Intro – the bible tells us that when we trust Jesus we are justified.(Gal.3:6, Rom.4:5) Our text today expands on what that means.




I.  We have peace.  5:1, 8-10


A. It means we are not at war with God. 1Thess.5:9


1. We are not rebelling against Him like Adam and Eve.  Ex.23:20-21 (10)


2. Faith restores our relationship. James 2:23, Matt.6:10, Gal.2:20


B. Faith means being calm and at rest in the midst of turmoil.


1. A peace only Jesus can give. Jn.14:27, Jn.16:33


2. A peace the world cannot understand. Phil.4:7, Rom.8:28


3. A peace that comes from knowing you’re saved. Col.1:20, 1Jn.1:7, 1Thess.5:23




II. We experience God’s grace 5:2, 6-7


A. The acronym God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.


1. Punishment vs salvation. Heb.9:28, 1Pet.2:24


2. Death vs life. Rom.6:23, Jn.11:25-26, 2Cor.5:8, 1Jn.3:14, Jn.5:24


3. Sin vs righteousness. 2Cor.5:21


B. We are complete in Christ and have been empowered to have victory over sin.Col.2:10, Rom.7:24-25




III. We have hope 5:2, 5, 11


A. The bible speaks of 2 kinds of hope, a doubt based hope and an assurance based hope.


B. We do not hope (doubt) we are saved, we know we are. 1Jn.5:12-13


C. Because we know we are saved we have hope (assurance) for the future. Heb.11:1, Heb.6:17-19



Con. When you come to Jesus for forgiveness you can be assured you have eternal life.

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