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Luke 18:31-43


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Intro – We are given two contrasting events. The first had physical sight but not spiritual. The second did not have physical sight but had spiritual sight.




I. The disciples did not fully understand. (34)


A.  Jesus had clearly given the information from OT. Is. 53:5-6, Ps.22:14-18


B.  It was hidden from them. Jn.13:7, 19


C.  Christ will always provide what you need when you need it. 2Cor.12:9, Lk.12:11-12


D. You must actively seek to understand. Mt.7:7, 2Tim.2:15




II. Christ had kept things hidden from them. Jn.13:7


A. Concerning His kingdom.  Jn.12:15-16


B. Concerning His Suffering. Mt.16:16-18, 21-23


C. Concerning His Resurrection. Jn.2:19, 22; Luke 24:6-8


D. Concerning the Gentiles. (all nations) Luke 24:44-48




III. Blind Bartimaeus understood.  Mk.10:46


A. That Jesus was the Messiah. “Son of David”. (39)


B. He knew Christ was fulfilling the prophecy about the Messiah. Luke 4:18


C. His faith changed his life. (43) Rom.10:9



Con. Do you see Jesus the way the blind man did? As Savior, Redeemer, the One who can forgive your sins. Have you, like Bartimaeus, called out to Him for forgiveness, trusting He is the One who can forgive? 1Jn.1:7






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Intro – We are reminded in the bible of the truth that God will never leave us or forsake us but that verse is given to the believers.  We see in our text today that if you reject the truth there comes a time when Jesus will leave you. Your chance for salvation will be gone. This was the last public message Jesus gave.




I. Why did Jesus turn away from them? (35-36)


A. They had rejected the truth. Jn.1:9-11


B. They had rejected  His word. Jn.8:37, Jn.5:24


C. The word that had been handed down by the OT saints. Heb.11:10




II. How had they rejected the truth. (37-38)


A. They would not believe the message of the OT or  NT saints. Jn.1:29, Lk.2:30-32


B. They would not believe Jesus was the fulfillment of their message. Mt.5:17, Heb.9:11


1. The OT things (law, feast, tabernacle) were just “shadows” of the real. Heb.8:5


2. The Pharisees had a new idea which created doubt. (34) Eccl. 1:9


3. It happened in the early church. Gal.3:1, Acts 15:5


4. It happens today. 1Tim.4:1, 2Tim.3:1, 2Tim.4:3-4




III. What does this turning away mean for them? (39-43) Mt.13:14


A. Leads to a break in fellowship. 1Jn.2:11, 1Jn.3:14


B. They lose ability to understand simple truths. Mt.23:37-38, 2Thess.2:10-12


C. Eventually, eternal separation from Christ. Jn.8:21



Con. Jesus turned away because they would not listen to His word. We will know Christ as Savior and we will know the truth if we remain in His word and true to His word. Jn.8:31-32




Matthew 13:31-35


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Intro – The Gospel of Matthew stresses Christ as the Messiah, God in human form. Mt.1:23.  The Kingdom of Heaven, a phrase only found in Matthew, speaks of the church. Although it is a phrase special to the Jews it is quite interchangeable with the “kingdom of God” phrase used by the other gospel writers. (Mt.19:23-24). Matthew is also the only Gospel to use the word church. Mt.16:18. Matthew is trying to impress on his Jewish friends that Jesus is the Messiah they looked for.




I. What is the “kingdom of heaven”?


A. A  kingdom made up of all true, born again, believers. Jn.3:3


B. Born again means you have repented of sin and received Christ into your heart. Jn.3:16, Jn.1:12, 2Pet.3:9




II. How does the kingdom work?


A. Visibly-


1. It starts when, that seed, the Word of God is placed in your heart. Mt.13:23


2. It then grows in you and reaches out to others also, bearing fruit.


B. Invisibly-


1. When leaven and flour were mixed you could not tell them apart. Acts.2:38-39


2. However, that leaven reveals it is there by what it produces. Gal.5:22-26, 2Pet.1:4-11, Mt.24:14




III. Who understands the words of the kingdom?


A. Those who believe the prophecies. Ps.78:2, Mt. 13:11


B. Christ gives those who have faith in Him understanding of His word. Lk.24:45, Mt.11:25, 1Cor.1:26-28,


C. His word gives us understanding of all things. Acts 26:18, Rom.1:16-17, Prov.3:5




Con. Are you a part of the kingdom of heaven?





Matthew 19:27-31


Feb. 5th 2017




Intro – We have all heard the phrase, “what’s in it for me?  Christian or not we tend to think of ourselves.


Christians who grow in Christ will have less of a tendency to do that. Nevertheless, Jesus does remind us of the rewards awaiting His faithful ones.




I. The disciples reveal their human nature.


A. The had given up things to follow Christ. Matthew – Luke 5:27-28


B. They were seeking a reward.  Mt.20:21


C.  They still did not have servants heart. Mt.20:26-28




II. The rewards are greater after death.


A. Punishment is also greater.  Luke 16:24-25


B. Believers are rewarded in heaven and on earth.


1. On Earth during the millennial. 2Tim.2:12, Rev.3:21


2. In heaven.  1Jn.3:2, John 14:2




III. The first will be last will and the last will be first.


A  Tables turned. Luke 16:25


B. Positions reversed. Mt.20:26-28




Con. – Heaven is more than we can imagine. 1Cor. 2:9





Hebrews 12:1-3






Intro – The symbolism of a race is used often in Scripture.  1Cor.9:24, 2Tim.4:7, Acts.20:24




I. Like those before us. (1)


A. The witnesses give testimony to the truth of God’s power.  (4) Rom.15:4


B. Look to Jesus.


1. We do for salvation. Jn.3:14-16, Heb 5:9


2. We do for strength. 2Cor.12:9, 2Cor. 4:7, Eph.3:16, Phil.4:13, Phil.3:10, 1Pet.5:8-9, James 4:7




II. Stay focused. (2)


A. Despising the shame. Phil.2:8, Gal.3:13, Lk 6:22,  Think very little of it, it’s meaningless.


B. Look to Jesus.  Heb.13:11-13, 1Pet.4:13-14


1. He found joy in doing good. Lk.15:10


2. He was willing to suffer in order to do God’s will. Is.53:7




III. Make it to the finish line. (3)


A. Endure, it will get harder. 2Tim.3:1, Heb 10:39


B. Look to Jesus and the future. Acts 2:24-27, Ps. 16:8-10, Phil.1:6 




Con. Running the Christian race means living for Jesus in every circumstance.


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