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Matthew 18:15-22

November 12th 2017



Intro – Jesus is giving us instructions on how we should operate under the new covenant of grace. The church (rather than the temple priest) would now be the organization that Christ would operate through. The church is all true believers. When we gather together we should operate the way Jesus tells us to.


I. How do we deal with sin in the church?

A. We must first understand what sin is.

1. Immoral actions, breaking the commandments. Gal.5:19-21, 1Cor.6:9-10

2. False teaching. Mt.7:15, Acts 20:28-30, 1Tim.1:3

B. Confront the person sinning personally. 15

C. Confirm the facts through witnesses.   16

D. Convey the facts to the church.   17


II. We must take action against the sin.

A. End fellowship with the unrepentant person. (17b)

B. The purpose for this is 2-fold.

1. To reveal the seriousness of the sin. Rom.16:17, 1Cor.5:11, 2Thess.3:6, Titus 3:9-11

2. To keep the church pure in its teachings. 2Cor.11:2-3, Eph.5:25-27, Col.1:18, 22.

C. God works through His word in the church. 18-20  2Pet.1:20, 1Tim.6:3, 1Cor.1:10


III. Restore the repentant brother to fellowship.

A. Restoration is the goal of church discipline. 2Thess.3:14-15

B. 7 x 70, forgiveness is the responsibility of every believer. Matt.6:14-15,


Con. As a church we have certain responsibilities to carry out. Carrying out those responsibilities will bring God’s blessing on us as a church. We must call out sin and at the same time be willing to forgive.


Matthew 16:1-4

November 5th 2017

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Intro – The Pharisees just would not believe. They kept demanding Jesus give them some sign. This is the path every unbeliever takes, telling God if He would just do this, this or this then they will believe. That’s not faith.


I.  The Pharisees wanted a sign.

A. Jesus had performed many signs.

1. He had just feed 4000 people.  Mt.15:36-37

2. He had performed many other miracles. Mt.12:13, 22

B. Rather than believe they would explain it away.  Mt.12:24

1. People do the same thing today. Red Sea, burning bush, etc.

2. They were blinded to the truth. Jn.12:37-40

C. Salvation is always based on faith in God’s word not signs and wonders. Mt.9:1-6, 1Jn.1:9


II. Their hearts were hardened by sin and unbelief.

A. Sin hardens the heart. Heb.3:12-13

B. Seeking signs is sinful. Mt.12:38-39

C. Signs do not save anyone. Lk.16:27-31


III. Christ would give one very clear sign.

A. Uses Jonah as an example that He would come back from the grave. Jn. 2:19, Mt.27:13, Mt.28:1

B. The Pharisees would also reject that sign.

1. Someone stole the body! Mt.28:11-13

2. The Devil will always give you a reason to reject the truth.


Con. Where are you today? Do you simply take Jesus at His word or are you waiting for some sign to believe?


Romans 11:1-12

October 29th 2017



Intro – Some people think that the “church” has replaced Israel when it comes to the promises God has made in His word. Romans 11 makes it clear that this is not so. Many promises apply to both the church and Israel but there are some which apply to only Israel. Understanding this truth is vital to our spiritual wellbeing. Rom.11:19-21


I. He has not rejected them completely. (1-2)

A. Paul is proof of this. Phil.3:5, 1Tim.1:16

B. Jewish people today are saved by faith in Christ. Gal.3:2, Jn.14:6, Heb.11:6

C. You also have not been rejected completely. Rom.5:8, Jn.6:44, 1Pet.2:9

D. Continued rejection will lead to eternal loss. Prov. 29:1


II.   God always has a remnant. (3-10)

A. There will always be believing Jews. Rom.9:27-28

B. The remnant today is part of the believing church. Rom.10:12, Gal.3:28

C. There are always other believers around you. (vs 4) Dan.3:25


III. Their hardened hearts are only temporary. (11-12) Jer.33:24-26, Zech.2:10, Joel 2:28

A. Only until the church age is complete. Rom.11:25, Lk.21:24

B. In the last days the Jewish people will be a witness to the world for Christ. Jer.30:3,7, Rev.7:3-4, 9-14


Con. God’s promises still hold true today.  Gen.12:3



Mark 2:18-28

October 8th 2017

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Intro – The bible is filled with God ordained changes. Sometimes people fail to catch the change and they continue in the old ways. Jesus is explaining that to people in our text today. Just like the Pharisees of Christ’s day there are those today who want to keep the old. I have spoken before about Hebrew Roots or Messianic Christians. The more I study them the more concern I have.


I. When God changes something we need to follow those changes. (18-20)

A. The Bridegroom has come! Is.61:10

B. The church, made up of believers, is the bride of Christ. Rev.19:7, Eph.5:23,32 Acts 20:28

C. We now operate by the HS under the law Jesus gave to the church. Matt.16:18, Mt.18:17, Jn.16:13

D. This was a major change from the old covenant to the new. Jer.31:31-33, Lk.22:20, Heb.8:13


II. Jesus warns against trying to mix the two covenants. (21-22)

A. He knew this would be an issue in the early church. Matt.5:17

B. The Pharisees always accused Jesus of breaking the law. (24)

C. The truth was He fulfilled it perfectly so we could be free from it. Rom.7:6, Col.2:14


III. We live under the new covenant. 2Cor.3:6-17

A. Not the old one written by God on stone given by Moses. 2Cor.3:10

B. Those who follow the old are just blinded. 2Cor.3:14-16

C. Jesus has given us a new, higher, better way. 2Cor.3:6, James 1:25, 2:12, Mt.7:12

D. And the power to live that sanctified life. Acts 1:8, Col.1:28-29


Con. – Don’t be like the Pharisees of old who tried to mix the law with the Bridegrooms grace.




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