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1Peter 5:6-11


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Intro.  To be established in your faith is to be set, unmovable, firm in your convictions. For that to be the case certain things must happen in your life.  Many of us may have faith but to what degree has your faith grown?  Those with a strong faith have come to know certain  things.




I. They know what they must do to make faith strong. (6)


A. Humble yourself, if you don’t God will do it for you. vs 5, Matt.23:12,  exalted  (vs 4)

B. Turn our worries over to the Lord.  (7)  Ps.55:22, Ps.37:5, 1Tim.4:7-8


C. Have a clear mind so you can be alert.  1Pet 1:13, Phil.4:8-9


D. Resist the devil.  Know how he operates and what he is up to.  James 4:7, James 1:14-15




II. They know the enemy. (8)


A.  Satan is your enemy, he will do all he can to destroy your faith. Matt.13:25, Mt.6:24


B.  Faithfulness  in times of trial is what defeats Satan.  James 4:8, Eph.4:27






III. They know what God is doing. (9-10)


A. He allows us to be tested.  1Cor.10:13, 2Tim.2:10


B. He is perfecting us. 1Pet.1:7, Phil.1:6, James 1:4


C. He is confirming us. Heb.3:14


D. He is strengthening us.  2Thess.3:3, Eph.6:10



Con. The end result is that we will be established in the faith.   We are established by the Scriptures in order to glorify Christ. Rom.16:25-27




1John 3 13-18


June 5th 2016




Intro – Last Sunday we learned about God’s love found in the believer. How His love will cast out fear and create a love for other believers. In out text today John is again speaking about the practical aspects of God’s love dwelling in us. These truths are based on a simple fact, “we love, because he first loved us” 1Jn.4:19




I When God’s love dwells in us we understand our relationship with the world.


A. The world hates Christians. (13)


1. Because you stand on the truth of God’s word. Jn.17:14, Jn.15:18


2. It will only get worse not better. Mt.24:10, Lk.6:22


B. You cannot hate in return.  Lk.6:27-28




II. We understand our relationship to believers. (14-15)


A. If another person has Christ in them you will love them.  Jn.5:24, Jn.13:34-35


B. IF you don’t, it’s your faith in question not theirs.  1Jn.4:20,


C. The Christian understands the changing power of God’s love.  1Tim. 1:12-15






III. We understand that actions speak louder than words. (16-18)


A. Give your all for the brethren.  Phil.2:16-17, Phil.1:4


B. We are willing to sacrifice what is ours to help others. Lk.10:37, Acts 3:6


C. We are upset if we see fellow believers being taken advantage of. Acts 5:3, Luke 22:3, Matt.21:12-13


D. Let your love be visible help others.  Is. 1:16-17, James 2:14-17



Con. Visible acts of love and kindness point to an invisible faith within the believer. Col.3:23




Romans 11:33-36






Intro- the Apostle Paul had just explained God’s plan for the Jewish nation in the last days. It is hard for man to understand the ways and purpose of God in dealing with mankind. Paul concludes our human minds can never fully comprehend the things of God.




I. Man’s limited understanding.


A. No one can fully understand His ways. Is.55:8-9, Job.38:4-6, 18, Is.40:12-14


B. Even angels do not understand God’s ways. 1Pet.1:12


C. And yet man acts like he knows better than God. Is.29:16




II. Three questions with one answer.


A. Who knows the mind of the Lord?  1Cor.2:16, Rom.2:4


B. Who counsels Him?  Rom.9:20-21


C. Who loans Him anything? Job 41:11




III. A sovereign God deserves our praise.


A. Everything we have comes from Him. James 1:17


B. Everything we experience goes through Him. 1Cor.10:13


C. Everything we have belongs to Him. Ps.50:10, Deut.10:14



Con. – We should find comfort and peace of mind in knowing that God is sovereign. As believers we belong to Him. Jn.1:12




1John 4:16-21






Intro – Love, it reflects what you believe. It tells others who you are and what motivates you.  It reveals Who you know and Who you trust.






I. We know the love of God.  (16)  Jn.3:16, Jn.15 13


A. His love has saved us. 1Jn.4:10, Rom.5:8


B. His love keeps us. Rom.8:38-39


C. His love motivates us. 2Cor.5:14, 20




II. What does His love do for us?


A.  Gives us confidence. (17)  Heb.10:19-20, Rom.8:31-32


B. Takes away fear of punishment. (18) Rom.8:1-2, Rom.5:1, 2Tim.1:7, Jn.14:27, Lk.12:32


C. Gives us the ability to love others. (19) 1Jn.4:7-8, 1Jn.3:14




III.  Having His love creates certain characteristics in us. (20-21)


A. Respect and love for God.  Jn.14:15, 2Jn.1:6, Rev.2:4,


B. The degree that you love God will be reflected in your obedience to Him. Deut.6:5


C. We will love the brethren. Gal.6:10



Con. We should not obey commands to prove we love God = legalism. Rather – Because we love Him we  keep His commands = grace.  Legalism = doing things to prove you love God.  Grace = proving God loves you.  2 Cor.5:17.  Law – fears punishment, grace - fears disappointing Him.








Intro – Today we celebrate Pentecost, the day God sent His Holy Spirit to indwell believers. We call it Pentecost because it happened on the Jewish day know as Pentecost but we know it today as the beginning of the church.




I. What this is not.


A. This is important to know because many have misinterpreted Joel’s prophecy.    Joel 2:28


1. Joel spoke of a specific time “after this”.  Joel 2:20,  Eze 38:2,15-16, 19, 22, 39:28-29


2. Both Ezekiel and Joel say the out pouring of the HS will occur after this event on the Jewish people.


3. Joel includes other signs to verify the event.   Joel 2:30-31, Rev.6:12


B. It is not a template for receiving the Holy Spirit.


1.  Tongues “as”of fire.  Lk 3:16


2.  Noise “like” violent wind.  Jn.3:8


C. So how do you explain (vs 16)? 


The “what” refers to the substance not the event.




II. What this is.


A. The prophecy of Christ fulfilled.  Luke 24:49, Acts 1:8


B. Not to have vision, dreams, revelations, tongues but to witness about Jesus. Acts 4:8,20, 31


C. The gift of the HS given at the time you believe and trust in Jesus for salvation. Act 2:38-39




III. The purpose was to glorify God. “speaking of God” (11)


A. A God prepared moment. (vs 5) Gal.4:4


B. What was the message? Act 2:23-24, Repent  Act 2:38-39




Con. What does our text teach us?


1. Jesus kept his promise, He sent the Holy Spirit to indwell us.


2. We receive the HS through faith in Jesus.


3. The HS makes us bold enough to talk to others about Jesus.

This is the mark of a Spirit filled believer.

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