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Luke 4:16-21


December 3rd 2017

Intro -The “Favorable year of the Lord” is a reference back to the OT year of Jubilee. It was a time of grace.


I. The year of Jubilee came every 50 years.  Lev.25:10ff

A. Slaves were set free.

B. Families were reunited.

C. Debts were erased and there was great joy and celebration.


II. Jesus proclaims His ministry as a favorable year of the Lord. (19)

A. He was fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy of the coming Messiah.

B. Jesus would fulfill the prophecy through His miracles. Matt.11:5


III. Jesus would also fulfill this prophecy spiritually.

A. He was anointed with the Holy Spirit. Jn.1:32-34

B. He did preach the gospel to the poor.

1. The good news was that repentant people will be saved. Matt.5:3, Ps.51:17

2. The good news is that we will be saved by grace not works. Rom.3:28, Eph.2:8-9

C. Release to the captives.

1. We are bound by sin.  Rom.7:14

2. We (the Jews especially) were bound by the law. Gal.2:4, Gal.4:3, Rom.8:4

3. We now live by the Spirit. Rom.8:5-9, Gal.5:14, Matt.7:12, Gal.5:25

D. Sight to the blind.

1. Satan has blinded people. 2Cor.4:4

2. Jesus gives insight. 1Cor.2:14, 2Cor.3:15-16

E. Set the oppressed free.

1. Free from a guilty conscience. Heb.10:22

2. Free from sin and death. Jn.8:31-32

Con. – All that Jesus offered the people that day in the synagogue He offers to us today. Have you received all that Christ offers during the favorable year?


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