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1Cor. 15:50-58

Nov.26th 2017



Intro – The next big event to happen for believers is “the trumpet of God” or what we know as the rapture.

Our text is speaking about that event today.  When that trumpet sounds we (believers) are taken to heaven. What happens to us at that event? 

I. We know that this body cannot go to heaven. (50)                                                                   

A.  We will and must receive a different body just as Christ did. Phil.2:7-8, Heb.2:14, Luke 24:39

B. We will be changed. (51) 1Cor.15:40, 42, 44,  Phil.3:20-21,

II. This change happens at the Rapture.  Jn.14:3

A. It will happen quickly. 1Thess.4:13-18

B. We will all (believers) receive our new glorified bodies. 

1. Christ was our example. 1Cor. 15:20-23

2. Until then our soul goes to be with the Lord.  2Cor.5:6-8, Eccl. 12:7 Rev.6:9-10

3. At the Lord’s return those who have died receive their new bodies then we who are still alive. (52)

C. All of this is possible because of our faith in Jesus Christ. (53-57) Jn.11:26, Heb.9:28.


III. We remain faithful to Christ and His word until He comes again. (58) 2Thess.2:15, 2Tim.1:13-14

A. Our faithfulness will be rewarded. Matt.25:23, 34,  1Cor.3:14

B. What we do for Christ is not a waste of time. Luke 18:29-30


Con. – Are you listening for the trumpet? Are you ready for the trumpet. The only way to be ready is to have Christ dwelling in your heart by faith.

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