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Mark 12:41-44

November 19th 2017



Intro- It is no coincident that this text should come up at a time when we need special giving. The Bible has much to say about giving and this text is just one small part.  We are taught several things about giving in the Bible, I just want to mention 3 this morning.


I. We should give to build and maintain the Lord’s house.

A. Our text takes us back to the OT.  2 Kings 12:9-11

1. We are told to bring our offerings into the Lord’s house. Malachi 3:10,

2. We are told we should put the Lord first. 1Kings 17:14-16

B. We should give willingly. Ex.35:5, 21-22

C. God has chosen to use our gifts.


II. We should give cheerfully. 2Cor.9:7

A. For our own well-being. Prov.17:22

B. God knows how you feel about giving. (44) 1Sam.16:7


III. We should give sacrificially.

A. She gave all she had.

1. She understood it was the Lord’s anyway. Ps.50:10-12, James 1:17

2. She understood she was the Lord’s. 2Cor.8:1-5

B. Her faith was why she could give sacrificially. Luke 12:29-31

C. Surplus vs sacrifice. What’s the percentage of your giving?


Con.- We are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Your giving to the Lord is a reflection of how thankful you are to Him.


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