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Matthew 21:28-32

August 27th, 2017



Intro – Two groups  the bible even when Jesus spoke in parables. Ten virgins, talents, etc.  Some did what was right and the others did what was wrong. Today 2 sons, one took action the other did not.


I. What do you think?

A. As unbelievers these men did not have spiritual insight. 2Cor.4:4, 1Cor.2:14

B. Christ is asking them to use the common sense they had been given. Rom.1:19-20

C. All have been given the opportunity to respond in the right way. Rom.1:21, Rom.2:15


II. First son says no but then goes.

A. His first response was to say no. Mt.19:22

B.  However, he repented and changed his mind and behavior. 1John 1:9

C.  The Lord is patient but not forever. 2Peter 3:9, Rom.2:4


III. Second son says yes but doesn’t go.

A. He deceived his father. James 4:17, Jn.8:44,

B. Many say the right things but only deceive themselves and others. Mk.7:9, Col.2:20-23, Luke 7:30, Is.29:13

C. They never experience the grace of God. 2Cor.8:9,  Eph.1:7, Rom.3:24


Con. Which group are you in? Act on what Christ offers to you. Matt.7:24



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