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Hardened Hearts


Matthew 11:16-24


August 20th 2017






Intro- Man is worried about a disease called hardening of the arteries but the Bible tells us of a much greater concern, the hardening of the heart. A bag of cement left in a damp environment, doesn't need water to turn rock hard. Likewise just participating in a sinful event can start the spiritual hardening of the heart.




I. Sin hardened people discredit the messenger. (16-19)


A. This generation is much like ours today. 2Tim.4:3-4


B.  John was to legalistic. Matt.3:1-2


1.  Must be of Satan they said. Mt.9:32-34,


2.  Truth was he was chosen by God before birth. Lk. 1:15


C.  Jesus was too liberal!


1.  He associated with sinners!  Matt.9:11


2.  God intends for us to be in the world but not of it. Jn. 17:17-18. Rom. 12:2, Eph.5:11




II. Sin hardened people ignore the message, the sin of indifference.


A.  Jesus is the Messiah - you must believe that to be saved. Acts 4:12, Rom.10:9, Jn 11:25


B.  You must repent of sin - not optional. Luke 13:3.  


C.  Those who do not ignore these truths will prove to be wise. Matt. 7:24




III. Sin hardened people are blind to the fixture. 2Cor.4:4


A.  The end result of a hardened heart is to perish. Rom.2:5. Lk 12:10 Matt.25:31, 41, Pr.29:1


B.  Heaven is for those who repent of sin and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Rom. 10:13, Jn.l:12


C.  Spiritual victory, is for those who listen to and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Heb.3:12-14



Con. Hardening of the heart in the unbeliever - is rejection of Christ, refusal to repent, refusal of salvation. In the believer – it is when prompted by the H.S. to change or repent, they refuse. It starts as backsliding but if not checked it ends in the loss of your salvation.

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