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Benefits of Being Justified


Romans 5:1-11


August 13th 2017

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Intro – the bible tells us that when we trust Jesus we are justified.(Gal.3:6, Rom.4:5) Our text today expands on what that means.




I.  We have peace.  5:1, 8-10


A. It means we are not at war with God. 1Thess.5:9


1. We are not rebelling against Him like Adam and Eve.  Ex.23:20-21 (10)


2. Faith restores our relationship. James 2:23, Matt.6:10, Gal.2:20


B. Faith means being calm and at rest in the midst of turmoil.


1. A peace only Jesus can give. Jn.14:27, Jn.16:33


2. A peace the world cannot understand. Phil.4:7, Rom.8:28


3. A peace that comes from knowing you’re saved. Col.1:20, 1Jn.1:7, 1Thess.5:23




II. We experience God’s grace 5:2, 6-7


A. The acronym God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.


1. Punishment vs salvation. Heb.9:28, 1Pet.2:24


2. Death vs life. Rom.6:23, Jn.11:25-26, 2Cor.5:8, 1Jn.3:14, Jn.5:24


3. Sin vs righteousness. 2Cor.5:21


B. We are complete in Christ and have been empowered to have victory over sin.Col.2:10, Rom.7:24-25




III. We have hope 5:2, 5, 11


A. The bible speaks of 2 kinds of hope, a doubt based hope and an assurance based hope.


B. We do not hope (doubt) we are saved, we know we are. 1Jn.5:12-13


C. Because we know we are saved we have hope (assurance) for the future. Heb.11:1, Heb.6:17-19



Con. When you come to Jesus for forgiveness you can be assured you have eternal life.

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