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Matthew 7:12-14


August 6th 2017






Intro: there are three main subjects in our text today and yet they all tie together.




I. The Golden Rule. (12)


A. To obey this rule is to obey the commandments (the Law and Prophets).


1. Many strain and labor under the OT law. Rom.3:20, Mt.19:21-22


2. Jesus simplified the law for us. Mt.22:39, Rom.13:8-10, Gal.5:14, Matt.5:17


B. To be under the law is to place yourself under the curse. Gal.3:10,13, Rom.8:1-4


C. This rule separates those on the board way for those on the narrow way.


1. Those on the board way are those who try to win God’s favor by keeping the law. Judaizers


2. Those on the narrow way, by grace allow Christ to live His life through us. Gal.2:20


D.  Jesus demonstrated this kind of love. Rom.5:8




II. The wide gate and board way.  (13)  Is.5:20-21


A. It’s easier, many doors open automatically. 1Pet.5:8


1. It’s easier to go with the crowd. Matt.27:22-23


2. It’s easier to justify yourself as better. Hypocrites – Mt.6:5, Mt 23:15


B. Wide entrance means easy entrance. Rom.5:12


C. The end result is an eternity in hell. Rev.20:14-15




III. The small gate and narrow way. (14) Luke 13:3


A. Only one at time and only one gate, only by invitation. Jn.14:6, Jn.6:44


B. It is the way of grace. Eph.2:8-9, Gal.5:4, 8, 1Thess.5:23-24, Phil.1:6


C. You will never be a part of the majority. Luke 13:23-24, Matt.22:14




Con. The small gate is the way of grace. If you do not accept that God’s grace as sufficient for your salvation you will not enter in on the narrow way. Gal.5:4 Many will never understand God’s grace, that Jesus paid it all, that His blood is sufficient to cleanse from all sin. Those who do will not seek to keep the law but rest in the fact that Jesus has kept it for them.

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